Mastery Courses


These courses are the foundation of what we teach at The Center for Better Life. They are the foundation of anyone who truly desires the experience of power, knowledge and happiness that comes from living in freedom.

​Mastery to the Afterlife


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Walking a spiritual path is one of the most challenging and ultimately rewarding things we will ever do. The very first thing we must do to experience this fullness in our lives is to wake BEcome aware. This course is designed to be powerful and fun way to do just that!

Mastery of Tools
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The master of tools is quite a different experience. It is for individuals who have done important work on themselves. In this classe you will learn how to apply the tools to your live in ways that turn and manifest into their reality. I referred to this as  the understanding  of self-love. 

Mastery Techniques
to Soul Travel
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After we Become aware of what is actually taking place in our lives we naturally wonder if we can change it to live better, happier lives. The answer to this question is a resounding YES!. The Mastery to Soul Travel is exactly is where begin to learn HOW to make those changes, and in the process transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

We will be given techniques and tools that powerfully assist us in this process. They are easy to learn and remember and will give each person a lifetime of service!

The Art of Creating Relationships
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Mastery of Color Sound Light 
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Relationship with friends, family and most powerfully with a mate is one of the fastest ways to grow in life and on the spiritual path. Of course to have that work and mirror present in our lives on a daily basis can feel very challenging and at times downright painful. 

This courseis designed specifically to address all the issues associated with getting the most out of these existing relationships and especially if you are desiring to be in a rewarding and loving relationship.

These empowering techniques and information are incredibly unique: Knowing empowers us to protect ourselves.

This course, one of its kind teaches the effects of chakras and crystal on our energy power source and, the effects of vibrational frequencies in our lives.

Power Journey

"The Next Big Thing!"

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Tina has composed a life changing masterpiece and provided a template for communicating with the afterlife. With the help of her afterlife guides, Tina provides a step by step instructional guide, that her followers have been asking for, and that she feels compelled to share. Tina has devoted the past 30 years coaching people on methods to gain clarity and enrich their lives in ways they could never have imagined. In her book, Coaches from the Afterlife, Tina takes a giant step toward sharing her insights that have been shaped by a lifetime of feeling “different” because of a special gift that was bestowed upon her from birth. Tina desires to share this knowledge with the help of her afterlife guides, that can provide the answers to questions, and solutions to make life’s transitions more clear and understandable.