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Join us for a life-changing class!


The Next Big Thing!
So much has transpired since the end of 2012. So many of you have done very
powerful work on Self and have learned much about who you are in your authentic
Self. The time has come to talk about the next big thing! The whole world is
wondering, “What’s next?” Businesses and people from every country are
wondering what the next big thing is going to be, where we should be putting our
energy, our money or focus and time. There is much speculation and discussion
around this topic. The time has come to shed the skin of the past life and to move
into the next big thing. Tina has created a program of classes that will teach, and
ultimately Certify you in communicating with the Afterlife. This information can
provide you with the tools to do this work to help others, or simply use it to enrich
your own life. To fully take advantage of this “Coaches from the other side” guided
journey, first of its kind revolutionary teaching program, check out the class
offerings and certification process below.

Tina was the founder of Just for your Health College, which was the model and leader
of the development of massage practice in San Jose. Tina has also been a Life
Coacher and healer in the Bay Area for the past 30 years. Her book, Coaches from
the Afterlife can be purchased through, and promises to positively
impact the lives of those who are exposed to its rich insights.

To further your knowledge and ability to utilize this information and influence the
lives of others, Tina has created a program of learning that will change the lives of
those exposed to it. To fully take advantage of this once in a lifetime information,
check out the class offerings and certification process.
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